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In the springtime of 2005, I had the chance to be accompanied by Viola, my friend, and The Love Nurse. She provided me with great support during my pregnancy, when I was in labor at the hospital, and after the birth of my baby. She was my doula. Her presence at the hospital was a great source of comfort to me as I never feel relaxed in a hospital. I was also very anxious when it was announced that I had to have a cesarean. Viola reassured me so much and this was due to her warm and humanistic presence. I can never thank her enough for everything she has done for me. What a surprise to discover her, when coming out of the operating room, to still find her at the hospital at half past midnight. Viola was still there! She just wanted to be there to see my son Félix. Finally, all her advice when breastfeeding was very important for me! I wish every woman who will give birth to have this type of helo, a friend like Viola because she’s very special! Thank you so much Vivi!

Manon Leblanc


Viola was a great source of moral support for my partner when she was in labor at the hospital. Thank you for everything Viola!

Patrick Aussant


While residing in Montreal, I consulted Dr. Polomeno for my second pregnancy. I have had three other pregnancies and only the one attended by her resulted in a natural and virtually pain free labor and delivery. Her abilities not only come from her extensive training and experience but she has a gift that translates into her hands and I believe get transferred to the patient and fetus adding a dimension that is not only clinical but holistic—mind body and soul. My praise for her professionally and as a human being is unreserved!

Marie Szabo, M.Ed Psychology
Psychology Instructor at Middle Tennessee State University


I was very nervous going into labour with my first child. I had taken the pre-natal courses at the CLSC, but I was still fearful about the birthing process and the pain, until Viola walked into my hospital room. Then everything changed for me and my husband Rachid. We felt such a great sense of relief and calm. The stress level went down considerably. Viola guided us through every step, with a soft and soothing voice, which was so comforting and reassuring. She suggested that I take a warm bath to help ease the pain. It was helpful. She also encouraged my mom to assist the birth. I was happy to have my mother there also. After two and half hours of pushing, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.
Thank you, Viola for making our son’s birth a beautiful experience. We are most grateful.

Maria and Rachid Lahbabi